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    Our graphic design services include creating business cards, stationary, invitations, brochures, flyers, posters, and much more. (scroll down for more options.) We design from serious to fun...Yearly Reports to Photograph Collages. We can also build a “brand” for you, or your company, that includes the items listed above, as well as the items below. A brand is your first step to marketing. Guess What! We can help with that too! view full image

Gnome Computer Workshop

Welcome to the Gnome Computer Workshop

Gnome Computer Workshop's Mission:


To be available to assist you with any issues related to technology and do so with the most:
care, flexibility, quick responses, and amazing solutions and results.


We are always open!   And get this!
We are available
24 /7 /365

"How do we accomplish all this, you ask?"

We are Gnomes and gnome technology like the colors of our adorable hats.
We scurry around the Gnome Computer Workshop all night and day to ensure
prompt and pristine assistance.

Our team of Gnomes can accomplish soooooooo much we can't include it all on this website Worst Buy Blue Shirt
or it would be as massive like that "Worst Buy" store. Did you know those nerds costs over $100 an hour.
(Say what?!) The Gnome's standard rate is $50 an hour. You don't need a scale to figure that one out.
(But if you do, what can help with that too! lol!)


Our small but cozy and friendly company consists of three Gnomes who,
have over 50 years of experience working with a huge array of
anything related
to technology.

All and the kitchen sink    And we mean ANYTHING. An oven is technology...we can bake a batch of our
famous chocolate-dipped-double-chocolate-chip cookies while we repair a virus, or install
a security system in your office, or even design a invitation to your Mardi Gras party!


Gnomes wonder, "Why don't you call to see how we may be of assistance?
The call is FREE and we are very happy to discuss your needs.

So call already! :)

Gnome Computer Workshop Main Line: 504.383.4471

Home Office


(Yes, those are Boston cell numbers, but New Orleans is our home and always will be.)


The Gnomes Workshop is also our home, so we are happy to have you over or we
can come to you at your convenience. We are a licensed, honest, respectful,and
experienced company with a mission to accomplish. (refer to our mission statement above.)


Please peruse our website and tell us your thoughts, idea's, questions, and technology needs.

Enough about us... if you need technology help contact us and regale your story.  504.383.4471


BTW, what's a gnome?